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Mirrored boxes

The creation of new mirrored boxes with uncluttered, trendy, unique and distinctive designs. Packaging declined, in accordance with the new graphic design and Thirard identity mark.

The product-price image is reinforced by the appearance of the box and gives a perception of quality when holding the packaging.


The use of raw cardboard, emulates the colour of wood and evokes and image of nature, thus, referencing our environmental approach. The red colour, used in our logo, naturally echoes the concept of security..

The first mirrors boxes produuces by THIRARD were developed as part of our concept of Adventuress, using recyclable cardboard packaging is differs significantly from other packaging.




Using 100% recyclable packaging, with recyclable cardboard (stamped for the purposes of sorting) and transparent recyclable plastic (designed from recycled plastic bottles).

FSC approved packaging, attests that the products derive from forests that benefit from environmentally adapted management, which is socially beneficial and economically viable.

Labels printed with the Imprim’Vert® mark, certify a method of printing management that follows the ethos – “Print is about leaving a mark on a surface, not on the environment.”

Identifiable packaging for a clean and respectful image, that highlights our approach to CSR