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CE marking

Since October 1, 2003, the products must have marking to be able to be distributed freely throughout Europe. A mandatory requirement for products meeting a European directive.

The marking relates to regulatory compliance. The products meet the requirements through addressing the issues surrounding, security, public health and consumer protection. The marking certificates are issued by the AFAQ AFNOR. Therefore, Thirard and their establishments must meet the Construction Products Directive ( 89/106 / EEC of 12/21/88 as amended by Directive 93/68 / EEC of 22.07.93 ) .

-The mark is easily identifiable with the use of the following: Acronym + No…
– This mark is found on the product itself, on the packaging or on the accompanying document.

Download Performance reporting TH0001 / monopoint Unimax  Mortise locks

Download Performance reporting 1121 – CPR – AD5222/Ferme Porte