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Standards, certifications and approvals are markings pertaining to reliability and rigour in the design and manufacture of our products.


  A2P certification for resistance to tampering by responding to technical specifications defined. Marking A2P is in particular, recognised by insurance companies.

  Product compliance with NF ensures manufacturing quality by meeting size criteria, safe practices, endurance and durability, strength…..

  CE marking in compliance with the European standards for security, public health and consumer protection requirements.

  Approval of Fire safety standards and  the quality and safety of buildings, including the reaction and resistance to fire performance of construction products capable in contributing to the spread of a fire.

  TSA approval for locks which can then be opened by Customs officers, with a special key, without damage to baggage

Certification EN 14450 granted after the test of resistance to break-ins of safes. A Standard requirement of a EN 1300 class lock, is to take into account the duration of resistance to forced entry .